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RESOLVED: ESCALATION LISTING: Benchmark Email and iBioTool

Following Benchmark Email’s refusal to terminate the scientific spammer /, Scientific Spam have decided to create an escalation listing a week or two ago.


is listed because of spam sent by Benchmark Email on behalf of The X-campaignid: is 3982832.

As of today,


is also listed on our RHSBL. It is fully expected that this will cause false positives, so if RHSBL users expect to receive mail sent by Benchmark Email, please allowlist accordingly. (Edit July 2020 for terminology)


Over the course of our existence we’ve received spam from Bentham from multiple IP addresses in this Pakistani network. The [email protected] address indicated in the APNIC WHOIS for the operator is bouncing. Bentham is spamming, and expanding its presence.

Accordingly, we’ve listed in its entirety on our list today, August 23, 2014.
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