RESOLVED: ESCALATION LISTING: Benchmark Email and iBioTool

Following Benchmark Email’s refusal to terminate the scientific spammer /, Scientific Spam have decided to create an escalation listing a week or two ago.


is listed because of spam sent by Benchmark Email on behalf of The X-campaignid: is 3982832.

As of today,


is also listed on our RHSBL. It is fully expected that this will cause false positives, so if RHSBL users expect to receive mail sent by Benchmark Email, please allowlist accordingly. (Edit July 2020 for terminology)

4 thoughts on “RESOLVED: ESCALATION LISTING: Benchmark Email and iBioTool

  1. Virender


    This account was suspended on 28 May 2014 after someone from your end with ID [email protected] reported them to us via Live Chat. The account was activated only after the client committed to switching to confirmed opt-in system for his email campaigns.

    You approached our support team again in September 2014 and we did warn the client on the same. However, we don’t see many complaints against this client from other ISPs and Feedback Loop systems.

    This account has been suspended today and the management will be taking a call on their continuation of services with us over the next few hours.


  2. RocketScientist Post author

    Thank you for participating, and doing so in public, too.

    You tell us that the client committed to switching to a confirmed opt-in system. Did you not force the client to remove their existing lists and start over afresh, then? How else do you think it would have been possible for them to do that?

    We know that they did not run a permission pass – but then again, running one on the existing list would not have been appropriate because it has been gathered by harvesting, it is not an opt-in list to begin with.

    Please review our What Is This, Anyway? page to understand why the metrics you refer to have been relatively good – and also why it is imperative that, in order to maintain your status as a legitimate Email Service Provider and to have the world believe that your Anti-Spam-Policy is actually worth more than toilet roll, you cease to provide any services at all to

    Once again, thank you for joining in. Let us know when the customer is no more and we can remove the listings. You can do this either over email or here.

  3. RocketScientist Post author

    As far as is concerned, are you still receiving spam from them? The last time we discussed this issue, we made the client remove a list with 400,000 records from his account besides several other smaller lists. We also made him downgrade to a smaller plan compared to what he was on earlier.

    We’ve removed the listings and We’re keeping the sender’s own domain names listed.

  4. RocketScientist Post author

    NetRange: -
    NetName: BENCHMAR75-206
    NetHandle: NET-12-206-206-0-1
    Parent: ATTWORLD28 (NET-12-206-0-0-1)
    NetType: Reassigned
    RegDate: 2015-08-26
    Updated: 2015-08-26

    is now listed, because of TargetMol.


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