Short version: email us with the details (WHAT IS LISTED; CHECK FIRST THAT IT ACTUALLY IS) and prove that you’ve viewed our explanation of why you’re listed. (This implies that you have to prove that the resource you are going to mention actually is listed in the first place.)

Do not attempt to leave comments anywhere on this web site in order to get removed. They will not be published. You don’t want them to be published. They will also not be acted upon – unless they themselves are Scientific Spam and we can list you based on them…


Write an email to the team at the address rocket dot scientists (at) scientificspam dot net. Writing in English is preferred. Other languages may be directly understood or Google translated for a guesstimate, but writing in English is simply your best bet.

Writing in plain text is required. Sending us mail that only has HTML tagsoup will elicit a response of your first line of HTML followed by Same in plain text please.

Make sure you are able to receive our email responses. If you don’t receive them, it will be hard for us to have a conversation. Such as in this case (this is a mailer-daemon in response to our reply to them):

554 5.7.1 Mail (m-14745-01944) appears to be unsolicited – Score (430) over
MessageScoringUpperLimit (300) – contact [email protected] for
resolution (in reply to end of DATA command)

No win for you. Or this:

<address@DOMAIN>: Host or domain name not found. Name service error for name=mail.DOMAIN type=A: Host not found

That’s somebody sending with a From: in a domain that is registered and has a MX record, but the host mentioned in the MX record does not exist so mail can’t be delivered. Or this:

From: suporte@<domain>
To: the address from which we send replies to your requests
Subject: O e-mail que você enviou requer verificação

A mensagem que voc?? enviou requer verifica????o, para ter certeza de que n??o?? spam.
Voc?? precisar?? fazer essa verifica????o apenas uma vez, o pr??ximo e-mail que voc?? enviar para este endere??o, ser?? verificado automaticamente.

Para verificar essa mensagem e as mensagem futuras, favor clicar no link abaixo:


(They were asking to have a listing removed that exists because of Boxtrapper backscatter. Clearly Boxtrapper is not gone. We’re not clicking on the Boxtrapper C/R, so goodbye.)

If you operate a ticket system that requires replies to be in a certain format to be accepted back, don’t use it to write to us. Make sure all the information you want us to act on is included in a machine-readable text format. Our ticket processing does not do OCR. Including information you wish us to look at in a screenshot only is going to get you ignored.

In your correspondence, mention, in text form, the IP address and/or domain name that is listed. Make sure it is something we actually list before you write in. If you mention a domain name, we’re going to look up the domain name list only. If you mention an IP address, we’re going to check it in the IP address list only.

Prepare to explain how you have eliminated your spam problem. Without a thorough explanation, we’re going to respond only with “How?”. Specifically, don’t tell us you’re running anti-virus or that you have eliminated the hacked accounts or that you have implemented SPF, DKIM, DMARC, or anything like that – we don’t list resources because of security deficiencies or technical shortcomings anyway. And for heaven’s sake, do not claim to be CAN-SPAM compliant, or refer to any other law anywhere that legitimises spamming. To us, spam is unsolicited bulk e-mail, and that’s that. (We don’t waste our time listing spammers that don’t have a scientific context, however. Many other parties are already doing that.)

Read the response you get. Sending more emails pretending you never saw the response we sent you is a great way of making us auto-ignore you. It is important that you make sure you are able to receive our responses, because if you don’t…

There is no telephone support, or any other way of contacting us but by email. (If you can’t get email through to us for any reason, which we think is very unlikely indeed, please let us know about that via tweet, though.)

Without information on which IP address or domain name you believe to be listed, we are unable to do anything at all. Scientists we may be, but not mind readers. See the IS SOMETHING LISTED? page for help in figuring out the correct resources to name, as well as determining if you should leave making any requests to your service provider instead.

Do not leave replies below – or on any part of the blog – if we approved them, that would cause your removal request to show up in public as a part of this website.  That is not what you want.  We follow the DNSBL BCP (RFC 6471) and don’t expect you to make public requests for removal.

Kindly do not waste our time with justifying your spam or making excuses.  We’re not interested.  We already received the spam and we know it was spam.

28 thoughts on “HOW TO GET REMOVED

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    1. Kelly

      Some people aren’t developers and don’t understand that format, you shouldn’t take that for granite
      rocket dot scientists (at) scientificspam dot net.

      1. RocketScientist Post author

        We are indeed taking it for granite, even for gabbro and diorite. Leaving bare email addresses on a website causes the addresses to be scraped by spam bots and we can do without that. Think of it as an eighties “I am not a robot” test.

        1. Not-A-RocketScientist


          if it wasn’t bouncing that’d have been better but no… You had to share a not-working one, don’t you? 🙂

          1. RocketScientist Post author

            There have been occasional email snafus related to the forwarding service. There will not be a secondary email address, so if we don’t notice it ourselves when this happens…

  2. Tina Wright

    Please provide your name, phone number, email address and physical address to me as soon as possible.
    go ahead and do so as a reply to this comment so it is clearly visible on your website. I am sure you will have no problem with this since you feel that you have the right to publish my personal information.

    1. RocketScientist Post author

      Dear Mr. Himanshu Sankhala, the process involves your stopping sending spam first.

      enet.*blaster.{com,net} is spamming our spamtraps with your solicitations to buy your spamming services (in addition to the scientific spam your customers are sending, which is how we first became aware of you), so for you, the answer is “there is no such process” unless you plan to end your current (antisocial) business activity, which we sincerely hope you would do. In the meantime, multiple Poundhost (AS29550) ranges, including but not necessarily limited to, and, are listed because of you.

  3. Tayfun KAYA

    We are a software co, and we are sending report/mail draft via mail to our client. Now we are in your blacklist. We are not receiving mail from client. We can not work now.!

  4. Tayfun KAYA

    This is 3Rd mail to you. I thing wrong address for removing from your blacklist.
    I thing hacked by anyone hacker. Background image is +18.
    Anyway What can I remove your blacklist. Hoıw much do you want ?

  5. RocketScientist Post author

    As it says here, don’t leave comments on the website to get removed. When you actually send an email, these comments will be deleted from being visible on the website.

    1. RocketScientist Post author

      Dear Bloomasia team,
      We are not Google. Google crawl public websites and index them as they see fit. We have no part in that process and do not wish to attempt to interfere with their efforts.

      Meanwhile, please remember

    1. RocketScientist Post author

      Reading this web page and acting according to its instructions (right there at the top) will be most helpful.

        1. RocketScientist Post author

          If we had any issues processing our incoming mail queue sending “hurry up” notices via the web page would push your request to the bottom of the pile.

          As it is, we responded to your email (thank you for reading the instructions… at least the email part) before we even saw this comment in the website.

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  7. Aaron

    My IP is in your list, I dont know in what form I can send you a email. We have a online shop since 2012 and the mails are informatives: orders, shipment, something like this. I dont know what its the email for I can explain the problem for found a solution, thanks

    1. RocketScientist Post author

      You are commenting on the article that has the instructions on how to ask for it. You connected to our website from an IPv6 address; we have no IPv6 listings at all, so we have no information on what it even is that you are asking for.


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