2 thoughts on “Federal Trade Commission v. OMICS Group Inc., a Nevada corporation, also doing business as OMICS Publishing Group, iMEDPub LLC, a Delaware corporation, Conference Series LLC, a Delaware corporation, and Srinubabu Gedela

    1. RocketScientist Post author

      Dear Dr Yildiz,

      You are not the owner of the domain name you mention, so you have no standing to make that request.

      But it is not the first time somebody asks. As it stands, we had a conversation about this matter with a representative of Aries Systems in September 2016. They were in a position to at least have a conversation about it with us, given that they’re the owners.

      At the time they did not see any reason for why allowing various parties, including OMICS, to use their infrastructure for sending spam would have.been a problem. They also didn’t understand why we thought OMICS was a specific problem.

      We haven’t heard of Aries Systems in more than seven years. In a conversational sense, that is; the spam keeps flowing.


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