Spam our spamtraps and participating researchers with your Scientific Spam. We’ll list you and we may optionally even describe your spam in a blog post here.

Our listings stay indefinitely until they are removed. There is no removal by expiration. Removal only starts to happen when somebody gets interested in having a listing removed. We often require the network owner to communicate with us directly if it is not obviously the case that the whole IP range has changed owners ever since the listing was created.

Some of you are also in the habit of leaving spam comments on the website. The blog gets any number of them as any other blog might, but sometimes we get (un)lucky and have spam in the comments that have actual content related to this field and then we can list you based on your moronic submissions to our website. Of course we would prefer that you didn’t.

How not to get listed

Hacked accounts, hacked boxes, botnets, etc.

We are not the CBL, SpamCop, SORBS, Spamhaus, Trend Micro, or any of the various other parties of the world who operate generic blocklists. There’s just no point in trying to do what so many others are already doing much better. We don’t pay any attention to that stuff. If you had a security problem it didn’t cause a listing of your IP address or range on Scientific Spam DNSBL.

As a result, please do not base your request to be removed on running an antivirus / having cleaned out the infection / closed the hacked account / implemented SPF, DKIM or whatever the snake oil du jour of email is called / etc. We didn’t list the IP address or domain name because of security shortcomings anyway. Look up the listing reason and check out the next steps.

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