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How to win friends and influence people

Somebody wrote in asking about a single IP listing that is a part of a /24. Our reply is that it’s an escalation listing against a customer of $PROVIDER that is somebody else but the people writing in, and would they please send $PROVIDER to talk to us directly. The response is worth quoting in its entirety. Needless to say, responses like this get no traction with us. Nobody owes this person anything as a result of their choices, and if they’d like to operate a blocklist with their own principles, they can always start a new one. There’s room for more.

$PROVIDER certainly knows about it. Pushing anyone to change its provider the way $OTHER_BLOCKLIST is doing is not the right way forward. There are many reasons we can’t change provider. For instance because other provider is listed in other similar lists (like $OTHER_BLOCKLIST). And there are more other technical and business and even legal reasons.

So why do you list our IP? $OTHER_BLOCKLIST motivation is clear. They want money to whitelist hostages. And because they list whole AS they get more customers. But I don’t understand your motivation.

I don’t know if you noticed but many individuals and companies started blocking $OTHER_BLOCKLIST as a protest. And I noticed some chats about collective lawsuit against $OTHER_BLOCKLIST requiring compensation for business detriment.

– anonymous correspondent to Scientific Spam

Knock yourself out, folks.