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Professor Vincenzo Piuri, Università degli Studi di Milano

We do not support Vincenzo Piuri for IEEE president. We also regret having had to list the IP address and domain name of his alma mater, but that happens when you do not react to complaints of abuse.

The original spam and complaint happened in mid-May 2017.

Repeat spam in earlier today, no responses to the May complaint, so we listed the sending organization.

Another regrettable listing: Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria

The domain name of the Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria, is now listed. The following spam appeared on July 28, 2017.

From: EECS 2017 <[email protected]>
To: x
Subject: European Conference on Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
        Bern, Switzerland, November 17-19, 2017

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We’ve been on the receiving end of spam from Origene since March 2015. At the time, we listed, a few domain names, and thought nothing more of it. We had the occasion to look at their spam a little more closely today. It’s all coming from a /15 (that’s 131,072 IP addresses) assigned to a research facility in China. The spamming domain name is, registered to a person without an organization. Worth looking at a little more.

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Alma Mater Cursus Publici Quisquiliae A.D. 1088

On July 14, 2015, our spamtraps received a message advertising the Foodomics 2015 conference offered by the Università di Bologna. We wrote to them the same day, and have today received the following response from their privacy office. We see no other alternative but to list the mail server and domain name of this institution who defend the practice of sending Scientific Spam and violate their GARR agreements in doing so.
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