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We’ve been on the receiving end of spam from Origene since March 2015. At the time, we listed, a few domain names, and thought nothing more of it. We had the occasion to look at their spam a little more closely today. It’s all coming from a /15 (that’s 131,072 IP addresses) assigned to a research facility in China. The spamming domain name is, registered to a person without an organization. Worth looking at a little more.

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Resolved: Spam support ESP

Needed a separate headline, but all is documented in the earlier European Colorectal Congress 2015 post. The AGB, specifically Section 8, 3.3.a, 3.4 and 3.6, are not worth the toilet roll they have been printed on.

Update Oct 28 2015: have proved their spam support mightily by assigning new IPs and the use of a new domain name ( to ECC 2015. All listed now.

inetnum: -
netname:        RAPIDMAIL
descr:          rapidmail GmbH
country:        DE