CARTOONEY: Velianet, a subsidiary of Go Daddy Software

Velia, on the topic of ScienceDomain International and a few escalation listings, today, after having received a list of 151 Received: lines containing HELO, reverse DNS at the time, and IP that have been sending ScienceDomain Int’l Ltd spam:

Let me get this straight:
You are blacklisting thousands of our customers because of one customer who is „around our network“?
You refuse to de-list obviously innocent customers because we are unable to determine this ominous person?
You refuse to give out the necessary information (time stamp) to solve the case?

Is this correct?
If so, we will forward the issue to our legal department.

Saved for posterity forever on the internets. Go Daddy Software, we’re waiting to hear from your lawyers.

2 thoughts on “CARTOONEY: Velianet, a subsidiary of Go Daddy Software

  1. John Doe

    > You refuse to give out the necessary information (time stamp) to solve the case?

    Why don’t you elaborate on why you do that?

    1. RocketScientist Post author

      These are not hijacked systems where you’d like to establish a timeframe for the problem.

      The actual customers themselves are the problem. This can be resolved by addressing the (continued) existence of the customers. The timeframe is typically “from whenever it says in the listing until just a minute ago” (when the latest spam was received). Therefore helping a rogue service provider help the spamming customer listwash accomplishes nothing, and that is the only thing you can accomplish by giving precise timestamps.

      In this case, the customers involved have no legitimate purpose of existence anyway.

      “John,” if you have an issue with us listing your resources, which you may very well do (looking at who owns the IP range you posted from) we can have that discussion in email.


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