Over the course of our existence we’ve received spam from Bentham from multiple IP addresses in this Pakistani network. The abuse@ address indicated in the APNIC WHOIS for the operator is bouncing. Bentham is spamming, and expanding its presence.

Accordingly, we’ve listed in its entirety on our list today, August 23, 2014.

We’ve also let (the provider) know about this, for whatever good it might do. We’ve also informed APNIC of the fact the handle TM701-AP (the abuse at address) is invalid.

It is possible that Transworld (Pvt) ltd. will merely assign more IP addresses outside to Bentham Science Publishers. We have no qualms about listing in its entirety should that become necessary. The lack of a response to the notice, more spam from Bentham, and more spam from Bentham from addresses in the parent network but outside will all contribute to the likelihood of that happening.

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