RESOLVED: Herbert Open Access Journals on Mailgun

Herbert Open Access Journals (, #165 on Beall’s List of Predatory Publishers 2014 is spamming our traps through Mailgun, Rackspace’s ESP arm. This has been going on at least since November 2013.

We have listed the Mailgun IP addresses that have sent spam to our traps ever since our inception, but it is likely that Herbert spam will be coming from other Mailgun IPs in the future given the nature of ESP activity.

Received: from ( [])  
Received: from ( [])   
Received: from ( [])                 

One thought on “RESOLVED: Herbert Open Access Journals on Mailgun

  1. RocketScientist Post author

    Mailgun abuse team responded.

    Re: [Request #163809] –

    Thank you very much for providing this info. We do care about spam leaving our servers and appreciate your requests.

    The account that owns has been disabled and should not send SPAM anymore.

    We also found several accounts that were similar They have been disabled as well.

    Accordingly, we have disabled the listings for,, is listed because of PubAdvanced, which to our knowledge is not the same as Herbert Open Access Journals, so we’re holding on for a while more.


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