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Doctor’s Guide Publishing Limited

Somebody else beat us to blogging about it, with far more effect than our puny little efforts.

This spammer has multiple IPs in In addition, they rent services under a variety of names from Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget), and have their own dedicated block from an Irish provider.
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We’ve been on the receiving end of spam from Origene since March 2015. At the time, we listed, a few domain names, and thought nothing more of it. We had the occasion to look at their spam a little more closely today. It’s all coming from a /15 (that’s 131,072 IP addresses) assigned to a research facility in China. The spamming domain name is, registered to a person without an organization. Worth looking at a little more.

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European Colorectal Congress 2015: Spamming

On June 26, Professor Doktor Jochen Lange had the bright idea of using the services of to spam to advertise the European Colorectal Congress 2015 that he is organizing. Unfortunately that violates Section 3.3.a of RapidMail’s Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen (terms of use).
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N of Everyone: Spamming to kickstart

On July 29, 2015, the N of Everyone campaign ( had the bright idea to spam a list harvested from the PubMed to encourage recipients to pledge funds to the campaign. This is a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy of the ESP through which it was sent, MailChimp, as well as the Terms of Use of Kickstarter. We hope to see this campaign off the air ASAP.

Aviva Systems Biology

Aviva Systems Biology

We’ve been watching Aviva Systems Biology (, spam for longer than the SciSpam DNSBL has even existed. Up until recently, they were doing so exclusively from their own network, but their recent choice to hire what we think ought to be a whitehat ESP to do this for them prompted us to blog about it.

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LISTED: Docphin

Subject: Your [YEAR] Publication in Journal of [BLAH] / [INSTITUTION]

Docphin is a research platform created by a team of doctors and researchers to help you manage and keep up with medical research.

Just another ResearchGate – including the tendency to spam. SendGrid will throw them out in a second; we expect to see more spam from wherever they end up next, and we will list it all.

Open Access Text logo

LISTED: Open Access Text (, a domain name registered to an Indian-sounding individual in Romford, Essex, UK, but styling itself Open Access Text Pvt. Ltd Suite A, 36-40 Copperfield Road, Mile End, London, E3 4RR, UK, is spamming. Their privacy policy indicates they disapprove of the practice, but perhaps they figure it only applies to others. Their ESP of choice is Benchmark Email, who have unfortunately “excelled” in this sense before. We’re still waiting for them to confirm the termination of the previous long-term problem.
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