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LISTED: Open Access Text (, a domain name registered to an Indian-sounding individual in Romford, Essex, UK, but styling itself Open Access Text Pvt. Ltd Suite A, 36-40 Copperfield Road, Mile End, London, E3 4RR, UK, is spamming. Their privacy policy indicates they disapprove of the practice, but perhaps they figure it only applies to others. Their ESP of choice is Benchmark Email, who have unfortunately “excelled” in this sense before. We’re still waiting for them to confirm the termination of the previous long-term problem.

We have listed the sending IP.

Received: from (               

As well as the domain name

6 thoughts on “LISTED: Open Access Text (

  1. RocketScientist Post author

    More of the same appeared from another IP in the /25. We listed that and let Benchmark know we can list the whole /25.

  2. RocketScientist Post author

    Listings for IPs in have been removed after Benchmark indicated they were no longer a customer. The domain remains listed, and itself remains listed because is still a customer.

  3. Mario

    Yes its an spam. I am sure of that after read this. The “managing editor” Ellie, dos not exist. Be aware of this spam journal

  4. RocketScientist Post author (as is now spamming from Octane, an Indian ESP. There are suggestions on the Internet that they are either OMICS or a spin-off of OMICS. Somehow this does not manage to elicit a great deal of surprise over here.

  5. Editor of an actual medical journal

    Why on earth do people bother spamming like this? I’m the editor of a journal and have just received it. Feeling very annoyed – wish there was something I could do other than ‘delete’!


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