Aviva Systems Biology

Aviva Systems Biology

We’ve been watching Aviva Systems Biology (avivasb.com, avivasysbio.com) spam for longer than the SciSpam DNSBL has even existed. Up until recently, they were doing so exclusively from their own network, but their recent choice to hire what we think ought to be a whitehat ESP to do this for them prompted us to blog about it.

Aviva Systems Biology is spamming from their own networks:

AVIVA SYSTEMS BIOLOGY CORP-150218122856 SBC-104-57-121-16-28-1502182924 (NET-104-57-121-16-1) -

AVIVA SYSTEMS BIOLOGY CORP-141118163416 SBC-104-57-120-224-27-1411183445 (NET-104-57-120-224-1) -

KONSTANTIN RODITIS-101230191741 SBC-99-95-38-48-29-1012301838 (NET-99-95-38-48-1) -

YVONNE GOFF-100114155401 SBC-99-95-38-56-29-1001145446 (NET-99-95-38-56-1) -

We listed on January 31, on February 16, on February 22, and on May 5.

We listed

Received: from marketing.avivasb.com (marketing.avivasb.com [])

on April 29 and complained about it to SendinBlue, whose Anti-Spam Policy reads just fine, on May 1, to no effect at all.

We’ve just listed

Received: from sib.avivasb.com (sib.avivasb.com [])

complained about it in email again and tweeted about it too. We certainly hope there will be a response from SendinBlue to the three-way complaint (email, this blog post, and the tweet) now – we aren’t looking forward to listing an entire ESP, but no reply to complaints and no change in sending behaviour (except moving their IPs around) leads us to think the Anti-Spam Policy might look good, but isn’t really being observed and so just might have the value of the toilet roll it is printed on. We hope to be proven mightily wrong, of course.

2 thoughts on “Aviva Systems Biology

  1. SendinBlue Team

    Hello ScientificSpam team,

    Thanks for reaching out. We’ve identified and suspended the Aviva Systems Biology account on our platform, as their operations don´t comply with those of our target clients and our ethics and policies.
    We apologize for the inconvenience and we thank you for reporting this situation.

    The SendinBlue Team

    1. RocketScientist Post author

      We appear to have been proven mightily wrong. 🙂 It is appreciated. Thank you, SendinBlue!


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