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This is a long-time spammer (original link dead; link to archived copy) but we wonder if it has anything to do with science as such. Their spam this time has to do with a book on The Ecological Genomics of Fungi, and the addresses spammed are, predictably, obtained from the PubMed.

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Although given the below, a few more listings might be warranted, and will likely turn up in due course. has address has address has address has address has address has address has address has address has address has address has address has address has address

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This unique book covers a broad diversity of fungal systems and provides unique insight into the functions of those fungi in various ecosystems – from soil, to plant, to human. Bringing together fungal genomic information on a variety of lifestyles and traits, the book covers saprotrophism, pathogenesis (including biotrophs, hemibiotrophs, necrotrophs) and symbiosis. Advances in high-throughput sequencing now offer unprecedented opportunities for identification of novel key molecular mechanisms controlling plant-microbe interactions, evolution of fungi and developmentally- and ecologically-relevant traits, this book explores how these massive streams of fungal sequences can be exploited to gain a deeper understanding of the evolution of fungi and their ecological role.

For more information please click on:

Although tremendous progress has been made in recent years in fungal genomics, thanks to the sequencing of over one hundred fungal genomes, until now no book has used this information to bridge fungal genomics, molecular ecology and ecology. Edited by a recognized leader in fungal genomics and soil metagenomics with over a decade of experience, Genomics & Metagenomics for Harnessing the Ecology of Fungi will be a useful resource for the experienced as well as the new researchers entering the field.

Title Index:

Section 1: Sequencing Fungal Genomes

1. A Changing Landscape of Fungal Genomics
2. Repeated Elements in Filamentous Fungi with a Focus on Wood-Decay Fungi

Section 2: Saprotrophic Fungi

3. Wood Decay
4. Aspergilli and Biomass-Degrading Fungi
5. Ecological Genomics of Trichoderma

Section 3: Plant-Interacting Fungi

6. Dothideomycetes: Plant Pathogens, Saprobes, and Extremophiles
7. Biotrophic Fungi (Powdery Mildews, Rusts, and Smuts)
8. The Mycorrhizal Symbiosis Genomics
9. Lichen Genomics: Prospects and Progress

Section 4: Animal-Interacting Fungi

10. Ecogenomics of Human and Animal Basidiomycetous Yeast Pathogens
11. Genomics of Entomopathogenic Fungi
12. Ecological Genomics of the Microsporidia

Section 5: Metagenomics and Biogeography of Fungi

13. Metagenomics for Study of Fungal Ecology
14. Metatranscriptomics of Soil Eukaryotic Communities
15. Fungi in Deep-Sea Environments and Metagenomics
16. The Biodiversity, Ecology, and Biogeography of Ascomycetous Yeasts

For more information please click on:


Francis Martin is the Head of Lab of Excellence for Advanced Research on the Biology of Tree and Forest Ecosystems at the French National Institute for Agricultural Science (INRA).


Hard Copy : EUR 162

Ordering – Three easy ways to place your order:

1] Order online at

2] Order by fax: Print an Order form from and Fax to +353 1 4100 980

3] Order by mail: Print an Order form from and post to Research and Markets, Guinness Center, Taylors Lane, Dublin 8. Ireland.

Thank you for your consideration.

Best Regards,

Rachel Thompson
Senior Manager
Research and Markets Ltd
[email protected]

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11 thoughts on “LISTED: Research and Markets Ltd

  1. Asyncos

    Also seeing them at UK Fasthosts using new domain with valid SPF.

    Sig still gives their Guinness Centre, Taylors Lane, Dublin address. List “subscription” handled by URLs.

    Senderbase has them down to -1.6 already, so they’re about to vanish off my radar.

  2. RocketScientist Post author has been listed since November 14, 2014. is now listed. Thank you.

  3. RocketScientist Post author is AS30900 (Web World Ireland), not Fasthosts, btw.

    Fasthosts have been kind enough to show Research and Markets the door, so and the abovementioned single IPs in and have been delisted as of July 18, 2016.

  4. RocketScientist Post author

    Web World Ireland have been kind enough to show Research and Markets the door, so and single IPs in it have been delisted as of August 9, 2016.

  5. RocketScientist Post author


    Received: from (

    earlier this week.

    % Abuse contact for ' -' is '[email protected]'

    inetnum: -
    netname: NETWORKIE
    % Information related to ''

    descr: Network-ie allocation
    descr: IE ISP
    origin: AS34110 has been listed.

  6. RocketScientist Post author

    All entries in AS31122 have been delisted as Dediserve informed us their customer had terminated Research and Markets long ago.

  7. RocketScientist Post author

    Listed – Research and Markets still spamming, earliest listings for this spammer in this network go back to the day we started, March 4, 2014.

  8. RocketScientist Post author

    Just in

    Received: from
    ( [])

    $ dig +short TXT
    "[RESEARCHANDMARKETS] Microsporidia. Pathogens of Opportunity [email protected] 20141118"
    $ host domain name pointer
    $ dig +short TXT
    "[RESEARCHANDMARKETS] Research and Markets [email protected] 20151004"

    But nothing else listed yet, so…

    % Abuse contact for ' -' is '[email protected]'
    inetnum: -
    netname:        IDL1-SHARED-A
    descr:          Irish Domains Ltd
    country:        IE

    So listed the /22.

  9. RocketScientist Post author
    Received: from (           


  10. RocketScientist Post author
    Received: from (           



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