(Resolved) Nobleresearch.org

A blog entry on Nobleresearch.org (predatory publisher recognized by the Beall’s List for three years already) was prompted by a comment on our “who are these people” page by Aleksandrs V, representative of the Latvian ESP Mailigen.com who are currently providing services to this spammer.

How to understand the tweet? That’s quite simple. Nobleresearch.org is a Scientific Spammer, and they’re a customer of Mailigen.com, and using the Mailigen platform to send their spam to purchased and harvested lists. They were spamming through Benchmark Email until September, then became a customer of Mailigen in October 2015.

At the moment, we list,, mlgnserv.com and mlgnmx.com because of Nobleresearch.org (in addition to resources clearly attributable to the spammer itself). If Mailigen.com do what Benchmark Email did and send the spammer on its way, these listings will be removed.

As for Aleksandrs’ vague threat to reveal information, he will reveal whatever he feels is necessary to reveal in whichever forum he feels appropriate. There is nothing that ScientificSpam.net can do to prevent him from doing so. We are also not in the business of revenge listings, so whatever we list, it’s there because of the spam that was sent and hasn’t been handled appropriately yet.

2 thoughts on “(Resolved) Nobleresearch.org

  1. RocketScientist Post author

    Both Mailigen and Benchmark Email have waved bye bye to NobleResearch, and they don’t appear to have found a new home yet, so we’re marking this post as “resolved”.

  2. RocketScientist Post author

    Of course the matter itself is not resolved; Nobleresearch have been busy spamming from any number of relatively random IPs in their home country of India ever since then. But at least they’re not on an ESP.


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