LISTED: Science Publishing Group

Science Publishing Group (website, also noticed by Dr Beall’s excellent site) is targeting “Dear [AUTHOR LIST]” directly lifted off publications with spam inviting the entire group to propose a special issue and be the lead guest editor. Which of them? 🙂

So we listed their sending IPs (disposable), their sending domains (likewise), and,,

2 thoughts on “LISTED: Science Publishing Group

  1. RocketScientist Post author

    They are spammers, which in our opinion is sufficient to make anyone disreputable.

    They will probably publish anything if you pay the fee, including if you sent them a copy of claiming it as your own.

    As of this writing, we list 58 domain names, most of them throwaway, as ‘[SCIENCEPG] something’. There are 42 IP address listings, four of them escalations of /24, for the same.

    See also and


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