On inclusion and terminology

ScientificSpam DNSBL has always considered itself a blocklist.

As a consequence of Black Lives Matter, the entire email ecosystem is now discussing the terminology used for lists that cause systems to reject or accept email. Specifically, the terms whitelist and blacklist are to be eschewed in favour of something that speaks to the topic without an attitude, such as allowlist and, appropriately enough, blocklist.

To this end, we have conducted a review of this site. The word “blacklist” appears four times, three of which are in verbatim copies of letters we have received from third parties and one is in a copy of a letter we sent to a spamming entity in December 2014.

We are not into revisionist history or altering the words of those who have written to us. So these four historical occurrences of the word “blacklist” should remain, even if it means that we have to explicitly admit to the inconsiderate use of this term in the past.

The word “whitelist” appeared once in an article where we recommended that users of our blocklist should consider the possibility of accommodating a specific sender that we had included in its entirety. It has been edited now.

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