Our spam is not spam

Private email addresses never gets registered without the individuals consent however public addresses are registered, which our legal department has assured us is perfectly legal.

We love honest admissions of being spammers, especially when the spamming company includes a CC to their own email service provider.

2 thoughts on “Our spam is not spam

  1. Maria Ines

    Buen dia,

    solicitamos por favor nos eliminen de su lista negra ya que nuestro spam no es spam, solo es uso de correo con los provedores y usuarios dentro de la empresa.

    Muchas gracias

    1. RocketScientist Post author

      We had to allow that comment. …ya que nuestro spam no es spam.

      Neither the domain name nor the IP address of the sender of that comment are listed, not even the website hosting IP, so we’re completely puzzled. If you want to have an actual conversation, send email, and while our Google Translate skills are nothing short of awesome, do please write in English, and expect a reply in English as well.


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