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Marketo, an Adobe company

Back in January, a representative of the ESP Marketo attempted to start a delisting discussion by leaving a comment on one of the posts on this website. We declined to discuss the matter in public as we always do.

So, knowing that Marketo is a serious ESP and is generally able to carry out a conversation related to abuse, we sent an email to abuse @ marketo . com quoting the content of the website comment we declined to publish and responding to the points in it, asking for a response.

Nothing until today – when their ticket tracking system was kind enough to inform us of the fact that Marketo Delivery Case #01266633 had been closed.

Five months of nothing and then an auto-ack. Good work.

Scientific Spam 5 years

Scientific Spam IP BL query rates development over the past 5 years

During 2018, we saw a modest 15% growth on the list query rates from 2017 on the IP list. The domain name list more than doubled its queries from 1.5B to over 3 billion over the same period.

As of writing this, there are nearly 8,000 IP listings, of which 2600 are for /24’s and the rest for single IPs. Nearly 4,900 domain names are listed.

Thank you to all who are querying this data. You are the difference between this being just a random blog on the internets and an actual useful resource.

Predatory publishers are The Borg

This just in on the removals email address:

Received: from [] (port=46330 helo=HEIGHPUBS)
by with esmtpa (Exim 4.91)
(envelope-from [email protected])

In other news, Peertechz are using IP ranges to send their mail that had already been listed on our list as belonging exclusively to OMICS. In addition, they have named their box HEIGHPUBS, which is a hallmark of “Heighten Science”.

We rest our case.

Remove Boxtrapper and all other Challenge/Response spam-o-matons


This is something we have discussed before…

If we listed you because of the backscatter, and you write in to ask for it to be removed, and we receive a C/R so that our reply would be delivered to you…

That’s just wrong.

We won’t click on it. You won’t receive our reply, and the conversation will never proceed, and you will not be delisted. But that’s OK – the support conversation we just attempted to have with you actually proved the validity of our listing once again.

Challenge/response is spam. Stop it.

Incoming email trouble

Apologies to all whose email has either been eaten silently or explicitly rejected. It took us a moment to notice that our service provider had ceased to provide email forwarding services as of October 1 and to re-establish forwarding through another means. We’re back on track. If you sent any email after October 1 and haven’t had a response, please resend.

Happy Birthday, Scientific Spam

During 2017, the average daily figures were 5.5M for the IP BL (almost double compared to 2016) and 4M for the domain one (about +50%). There was a major dip on the domain side between September to November, but in December things were already back to normal.

Thank you, as always, to everybody contributing data and to anyone using it.

Stop Predatory Journals

A community project appears to have started up where Jeffrey Beall left off at Anyone with a GitHub account can contribute to this work, which ought to make it a little more robust against attacks from Frontiers and anybody else who doesn’t like being exposed for what they are. The project is also on Twitter, although not very actively so. We applaud this, wish the project owners all the best, and recommend that anybody with the time and interest start contributing.

Happy Belated Birthday, Sci Spam

Just a quick note to thank you all. Last year the daily figures were in the two million range for the IP DNSBL. We’re seeing slightly over double that these days. The domain name list is being queried even a little more than that, and the trend is clearly a growing one. Monthly totals are approximately 120M for both these days, in January and February.