Point your mail server at one or both of the following if you wish to consult our data. DNS infrastructure is kindly handled by ClouDNS. As such, we are not aware of any query caps they wish to impose on us; yes, we asked.

  • if you wish to consult our IP address based data.
  • if you wish to consult our domain name based data.

The IP address based data has been there since the beginning, March 2014. The groundwork for the domain name based zone was laid on September 20, 2014, but the zone will only be populated when new spam comes in (i.e. we are not going back on our old data to do this retroactively).

Queries for listed IP addresses will respond with the standard

In line with the Spamhaus DBL conventions, queries for listed domain names will return There is only one type of return code, and it means that the domain name is associated with scientific spam.

TXT queries for listed IP addresses and domain names will be responded to with the following format:

([TAG]) Subject Line from-address yyyymmdd

[TAG] is prefixed if we recognize the spamming party, such as BENTHAM, SCIRP, RESEARCHGATE, RESEARCHANDMARKETS, OMICS, PROTEOGENIX, SEIPUB etc.

Subject lines may be slightly altered to meet requirements for DNS entries. Quotes are replaced by underscores and ampersands with the word “and”, for example. Dates indicate when the listing was created, which aims to be very soon indeed after the reception of the spam, of course.

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