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SMI Conferences: Graduating from Scientific Spam to just Spam

Scientific Spam has had an IP in listed since 20150710, and the rest since December 2015.

(RESOLVED) Annex Publishing Group

Endurance ( did the right thing and suspended the domain names and all services for a variety of Annex Publishers domain names and websites so that IP addresses that had sent Annex Publishers spam could be delisted.

Thank you.


A while back, somebody who is not related to us noticed HotCampus.

A few days later, it arrived at a participating university. Professor figures it is spam, because he/she/it has never heard of HotCampus or signed up. Given that HotCampus only started operations roughly two months ago, it’s not altogether surprising.
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ScienceDomain International and/or IK Press

Something calling itself “ScienceDomain International Ltd”, apparently of Third Floor, 207 Regent Street, London, W1B 3HH, continues to turn up in spamtraps. They have existed as an UK company twice, but both registrations have been dissolved (Reg. No 07794635 – Dissolved on 14 January 2014; Reg. No 08988029 – Dissolved on 24 November 2015). Nonetheless, they process personal data without having ever registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office, which in itself is a criminal act in the United Kingdom.

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Doctor’s Guide Publishing Limited

Somebody else beat us to blogging about it, with far more effect than our puny little efforts.

This spammer has multiple IPs in In addition, they rent services under a variety of names from Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget), and have their own dedicated block from an Irish provider.
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We’ve been on the receiving end of spam from Origene since March 2015. At the time, we listed, a few domain names, and thought nothing more of it. We had the occasion to look at their spam a little more closely today. It’s all coming from a /15 (that’s 131,072 IP addresses) assigned to a research facility in China. The spamming domain name is, registered to a person without an organization. Worth looking at a little more.

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European Colorectal Congress 2015: Spamming

On June 26, Professor Doktor Jochen Lange had the bright idea of using the services of to spam to advertise the European Colorectal Congress 2015 that he is organizing. Unfortunately that violates Section 3.3.a of RapidMail’s Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen (terms of use).
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