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So much more Scientific Spam!

This might seem like an obvious thing to say, but here goes anyway. It recently occurred to us to look at what are all the target addresses any given Scientific Spammer is hitting on our traps. What started out as a meager collection measuring maybe a few dozen has quickly gone into the several hundreds this way – identifying new LHS in existing SciSpam trap domains and completely new addresses at new domains that are receiving any materials from known senders of SciSpam. 🙂

Happy Birthday, Scientific Spam – so much new spam

We fired up the list on Tuesday, March 4, 2014. It’s been an interesting year.

A while back, we opened up a bunch of new spamtraps and the flood has taken us by surprise. Some of these are spamming so intensely that they have even caught the attention of the 800 pound gorilla. Most of our subjects do not reach this level of spamming activity, however, which is why we plan to continue to exist.

The list is live :-)

Prior to October 26, this list has been mostly an academic effort.

ClouDNS statistics show how often any domain for which they provide the services has been queried. On October 26, the number of queries jumped from practically nothing to tens of thousands per day. We welcome our first major user, whoever you are. Please monitor your logs for false positives and get back to us if our listings are affecting anything else but scientific spam attempts to you.