Fastest shortcut to getting listed by us: spam us directly (

Dear Professor

Um, but of course, even if rocket dot scientists at scientificspam dot net have never published any scientific work as themselves…

We would like to invite you to submit an invited paper in our peer-reviewed open-access journal:

International Journal of Environmental Science

Suppose that’s all we need to know of you.
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Happy Belated Birthday, Sci Spam

Just a quick note to thank you all. Last year the daily figures were in the two million range for the IP DNSBL. We’re seeing slightly over double that these days. The domain name list is being queried even a little more than that, and the trend is clearly a growing one. Monthly totals are approximately 120M for both these days, in January and February.

SMI Conferences: Graduating from Scientific Spam to just Spam

Scientific Spam has had an IP in listed since 20150710, and the rest since December 2015.

What happened to Scholarly Open Access?

It has been reported on Twitter by many and gloated over by the anonymous dweebs opposing this work. No further notice has been seen yet. This is likely a cartooney that Dr Beall is taking very seriously – we hope the interruption is temporary only. In the meantime, the Internet Archive has snapshots of the site before the recent events, most recently from Dec 30, 2016.

We wish Dr Beall all the best and for the service to be restored as soon as possible.

Internal Medicine Review, Dylan Fazel, Reni Koen, “Lisseth Tovar”, “Kateryna Bielka”,,,

This is really just a pointer to a blog article published elsewhere on the topic of an annoying Swiss spammer apparently based in Latin America.

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Challenge/response backscatter is spam in itself

Attention all cPanel users.

These posts are about ten years old, yet we still keep receiving boxtrapper spam.

We list it as spam. False accusations about forged sender addresses having sent spam are the only type of spam we list that isn’t Scientific Spam proper. This software (these types of software, including Spam Arrest, misconfigured amavisd-new, etc.) should simply not exist at all.